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Whistleblowing Platform


Safe. Anonymous. Secured.

Safe. Anonymous. Secured.

A whistleblower exposes (possible) wrongdoing or incidents in a company or organization. The employer investigates the wrongdoing and takes measures if necessary. Compliance Services Caribbean has been appointed by DEMOBANK, as an independent agency, to receive and investigate reports of wrongdoing.

Compliance Services Caribbean has over 23 years of experience in integrity policies and other compliance related issues.
Compliance Services Caribbean is part of Forensic Services Caribbean and has its headquarters in CuraƧao.

You can report a (possible) wrongdoing in various ways. Operationally, the easiest way is to use the Contact Form.  
You can do this under your own name / email address, or you can do this completely anonymously ("double anonymous"*) if preferred.

Contact Form

The easiest way to make your report.
You can do this "double anonymous" in case you use an incognito email address*.


Make your report via our live chat (right bottom, Do you want to report a wrongdoing).

This option works best from Monday-Friday during office hours. 


Email us your report. You can do this "double anonymous" in case you use an incognito email address*.


Send us a WhatsApp with your report via  mobile number
+599 9 522 3078.


Call us
(Monday-Friday during office hours) 

via +599 9 461 7974 (fixed line),
+599 9 522 3078 (mobile Curacao) or
+1721 580 4555 (mobile St. Maarten).

* Incognito email address

Compliance Services Caribbean will never share your identity with your employer!
But we can imagine, you'd also like to remain 100% anonymous towards us. In that case, we advice you to make an email address on This is one of the worlds most safe email services, which is free as well. 

Again, we would like to underline we will never share your details with your employer.

Investigation of a wrongdoing

Next steps

After you have reported a wrongdoing by using one of the above options, the following steps will be taken. 

By means of a case number,  you can contact us at any time for the status of your report.    


We take every report seriously, and therefore we  immediately start
an investigation
based on your report.

2. Status

You can track the status of your case via the online whistleblower portal. You can log in with your email address (right top Log in). 

3. Contact

We will stay in contact with you during the investigation, if possible and/or desired.

4. Closure

Depending on the report, we will report back to the management of DEMOBANK and, if necessary, follow-up steps will be taken to prevent such wrongdoing in the future. We will inform you by mail once the case is closed.

Your anonymity is guaranteed by Compliance Services Caribbean


We work on behalf of DEMOBANK, but  firstly we have an obligation to you, to safeguard your anonymity at all times. 

For us, facts about the report is what matters, not your personal data. You can be confident that we will take your report seriously.
If possible, we will keep you informed on the status of your report and we will remain in contact with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

   Below you will find an overview of the frequently asked questions, the FAQ's.
   For any other questions, please contact us via one of the above media.

  1. I want to report 100% anonymously (to both DEMOBANK and Compliance Services Caribbean)
    If you want to make a report on an anonymous base, we are open to that. However, the report must be supported in such a way that it provides sufficient basic information for us to initiate an investigation. You can create an anonymous email address via

  2. How does work?
    When activating the anonymous email address, you simply choose a pseudonym and password. Encryption and other security measures will keep your report anonymous. You will never be asked for personal information during the reporting process. The system protects your anonymity technically, subject to the fact that you do not provide any personal identifiable information.

  3. How do I stay informed about the status of my report?
    You will receive information about the progress of your report via your (anonymous) email address. By this means, we can also ask you questions in case of lack of clarity .   
    We are interested in the facts about the report and not in your personal data!

Whistleblower Platform Compliance Services Caribbean

Safe. Anonymous. Secured.